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The LGD-2226 SARM

TLDR: LGD-2226 is a synthesized compound known for helping both men and women reach their fitness goals by increasing lean muscle mass and simultaneously burning fat.

LGD-2226 is an investigational drug developed for the treatment of osteoporosis and muscle wasting diseases. LGD-2226 is classified as a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). It was synthesized to provide an alternative route to the use of steroids for bodybuilders and athletes. Despite it still being in a developmental phase, it has become a major contender in the world of performance enhancers.

What are the benefits of the LGD-2226 SARM?
While the studies are still being conducted about this SARM, there is no question about it’s short term benefits. However, it is important to keep in mind that studies are ongoing and you will want to keep up with the research coming out if you are planning on utilizing LGD-2226. Here are some benefits that both men and women can expect to see:

  • Improved bone strength
  • Raised energy levels
  • Endurance progression
  • Increased stamina

What is the Suggested Dosage for the LGD-2226 SARM?

The LGD 2226 SARM can be compared to MK 677 because of their similarities in both of their benefits and their side effects. It is recommended to follow the dosages for MK 677. This means orally taking approximately 20mg daily. LGD-2226 can be taken in a single dose or split up throughout the day. Research suggest a cycle should last anywhere from twelve to sixteen weeks, with time off to recooperate between cycles. LGD-2226 is fast acting, with significant results frequently noticed within a month. If you are just starting out with SARMs, it is suggested to keep your cycle on the lower end and to gradually build up your dosages in case of any negative reactions.

Does the LGD-2226 SARM Have Any Negative Side Effects?

SARMs were designed to be safer than anabolic steroids. The LGD-2226 SARM is still in clinical stages so it can be difficult to find it available for sale. Always use caution when shopping for SARMs, especially LGD-2226. Low quality products can contain undesirable elements, such a prohormones. These can give you the common side effects of steroids such as:

  • Water retention
  • Male breast enlargement
  • Increased anxiety

If you encounter any negative side effects, it is strongly advised to stop taking LGD-2226 at once. Failure to stop consumption of this compound can potentially result in more severe side effects.

Boost Your Results With the Help of the LGD-2226 SARM

The LGD-2226 SARM has quite a bit of potential and can be worth the possible stress of finding a quality supplier. Although some experts suggest taking MK 677 due to it being much more readily available to buy, the choice will be yours to make. If clinical trials continue their forward momentum regarding LGD-2226, there is every reason to believe this will become one of the strongest SARMs on the market for both men and women.

People Also Ask

How is the LGD-2226 administered?

The LGD-2226 should be orally administered. If the supplement is high quality, users are able to take minimal doses to achieve drastic results.

Do SARMs lower testosterone?

SARMs can be suppressive, which means they will suppress the body’s natural testosterone production. SARMS were designed to be safer than steroids and most will not lower your testosterone levels.

Are SARMs injected?

There should be no need for injections, as most SARMs are administered orally. Orally administered SARMs are more convenient to use, as most steroids require injection. Steroids are illegal and SARMs are legal for “research purposes” only.

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