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What is a SARMs Cycle?

SARMs cycle is the period of administration and ingestion of SARMs stacks to bolster strength and stamina during training.

As the potential risks associated with running steroid cycles are becoming more and more devastating, and as the world continues to treat steroids as a threat to human physiology and health. Bodybuilders now look towards a better and safer alternative for their weight loss and muscle gain. Hence the recent prominence of Selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs, as it is so often called. These performance enhancers are quite similar to anabolic steroids in terms of potency and efficiency in adding bulk. However, they are devoid of the negative side effects that make anabolic steroids the infamous performance enhancers that they are. So lets discuss what is a SARMs cycle.

SARMs have been studied, inspected, verified, and improved several times to reduce potential risks and exposure to steroid-related side effects. Unlike their infamous counterparts, SARMs have a tremendous impact on muscle wasting, and if used properly can help athletes manage muscle atrophy. While there are many variants of SARMs in the market today, there’s been little or no report about their negative side effects. That’s why they are popular among athletes and why most bodybuilders stack them for general performance enhancement.

A deeper look into what is a SARMs Cycle

SARMs cycle is the period of administration and ingestion of SARMs stacks to bolster strength and stamina during training. Typically, a SARMs cycle takes about 6-10 weeks to complete and at that time the athletes will have to watch their diet and training. However, most athletes average eight weeks for their SARMs cycle, while long-lasting cycles take up to 16 weeks or more. To improve the effectiveness of the SARMs cycle, bodybuilders stack their SARMs medication, while being on a strict diet.

What is SARMs stacking?

SARMs stacking is a muscle enhancement regimen, where the bodybuilder or athlete combines different variants of SARMs drugs, simultaneously, for a synergistic effect. Thus, speeding up the healing, bulking, and cutting process of their muscle groups. Even though SARMs are not 100% free of side effects, they are relatively easy and safer to stack. But then again, some SARMs are safer than others when it comes to SARMs stacking and SARMs cycle. We recommend that you complete your SARMs cycle before tweaking or switching up your dosage. Because doing so will expose your body to radical hormonal changes.  To maintain a strategic distance from the potential side effects, no matter how little, of SARMs stacking, you should consider a PCT (post cycle therapy) after running your cycle. 

Best SARMs stacking drugs

For cut: If you want to get more cut within a short time, you should consider stacking, Cardarine (GW-501516), Andarine (S4), and Ostarine (MK-2866).

For bulk: If you want to stack SARMs to gain lean muscles within the shortest possible time, you should consider stacking MK677+ LGD4033 + RAD140. But if your SARMs cycle will last longer, a milder SARMs stack will suffice. An ideal choice will be MK2866 + MK677+ LGD4033.


SARMs are a safer alternative to the infamous steroids. However, you shouldn’t extend your SARMs cycle more than necessary, to reduce your exposure to the potential side effects of SARMs.