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RAD-140 is also called Testolone and it is called the most powerful SARM out there. It's recommended that you start with 10 mg doses.

What is RAD-140?

RAD-140 is also called Testolone and it is called the most powerful SARM out there. This drug is still being researched by some pharmaceutical companies. SARMs( Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are said to be the safest alternatives for steroids. The thing that makes SARMs special is the fact that it is selective in all areas. When they bind with certain receptors, it makes it possible for others to experience benefits in their bodies without them worrying about the side effects. These compounds are different from normal enhancers.

SARMs such as Testolone have limited side effects when compared to more harmful steroids. This is the reason why SARMs are used by bodybuilders. 

What Users say about SARMs

Users of SARMs claims that it is very similar to steroids. This means that you should expect an increase in muscle mass and strength. You might even lose fat while building your muscles. Some would say that this is impossible but it is possible. SARM is very strong and so you should expect exceptional results quickly. SARM has a high affinity with androgen receptors and so this compound is said to be very strong. RAD-140 is a drug known for its drastic strength gain it gives.

RAD-140 has various side effects but these side effects are manageable. You should be prepared for the sleepless nights that come with it, headaches that would come and go on its own and sometimes there are episodes of dry mouth. These side effects can be managed. However, the mental effects are what is of concern. Users of this drug have noticed increased aggression when they use it. Some measure of aggression is indeed needed when working out, it gets troubling when you start thinking of bashing people’s faces. If you experience any of these side effects, you probably should tune your dose down a little and stop using the drug for a while and see whether the side effects would wear off. 

How to Use RAD-140?

When using RAD-140, many opinions have been raised on what the best dosage is. Remember that earlier in this article, it was mentioned that RAD-140 is a strong drug. This should guide you on the dose you should take per day. The dose you would normally take with other SARMs is not the same you would take with RAD-140. RAD-140 is said to be the strongest drug and you would not need to start with a high dosage. Another great thing to know is that RAD-140 is that it has a long life and it can last for about 15-20 hours. This means you can take it once per day.

It is recommended that those who are starting should begin with 10mg daily. Some experienced users sometimes might use 20mg per day. However, it is advised that you do not exceed 20mg per day as that would be dangerous to the body. 

It is very potent and so you should not take more than the recommended dosage. Taking more than the recommended amount could be dangerous to the human body. Only take this if you are at a point that you know what is RAD-140.