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Sarms Workout | Muscle Max 10 Weeks to Lean Gains

Workout Summary

Main GoalBuild Muscle
Workout TypeSplit
Training LevelAdvanced
Program Duration10 weeks
Days Per Week6
Rest Periods60 Seconds (Compound Lifts), 45 Seconds (Acessory Lifts)
Progression MethodEvery two weeks add 2 reps or 5lbs to each lift
Time Per Workout60-75 minutes
Equipment RequiredBarbell, Bodyweight, Cables, Dumbbells, EZ Bar, Machines
Target GenderMale & Female
AuthorSchieler Mew

Workout Description

Hey there - are you looking to pack on tons of lean muscle over the next ten weeks with this SARMS workout?

Then look no further. Today, we're going to set you on the track to pure gains.

While strength and power will result from this particular workout, the main goal is to build as much muscle as quickly as possible, while taking SARMS supplements!

To do this, we will be focusing on optimizing our exercise selection, volume and frequency through strategic lifts on specific days.

Read on to learn more about this SARMS workout and everything it can do for you.

Muscle Max Workout Overview

We probably don't have to tell you but as a reminder, when it comes to building muscle mass, your frequency and volume are huge determining factors.

When both are combined over time, your bodies natural reaction is to adjust to the stress your putting on it. Through this program, we focus on making sure that the response is pure hypertrophy.

Training at higher frequencies does mean however that we have to adjust the total volume. In this workout, we account for this by utilizing different days of the week for different intensities. 

Intensity, is the amount of exertion or stress your muscles undergo during each lift. In this program we focus on higher sets and lower reps for compound movements, and then the exact opposite for accessory lifts.

With that said, this is a 6 day split with upper and lower days. This, in essence means you can expect to hit each muscle group 3x throughout the week and should account for the fact they will be used as accessory muscles on your days off.

Sounds like a great way to pack on some mass doesn't it?

As for rest periods, we're going to split these into two different categories.

For compound lifts, or lifts that use multiple major muscle groups, keep your rest period to 60 seconds. For accessory lifts that directly hit or target one muscle, keep them to 45 seconds.

Your tempo should be moderate to fast past. Remember here, we're going for hypertrophy and want to pump blood to those muscles. Please remember however that you should be in control of your lifts at all times with a firm, "white-knuckle" grip to stimulate stabilization muscles.

For your overload progression method, you should be working in two week increments. What I mean by this is that every second week of completing this program, you should add either 2 extra sets or 5 extra lbs. This will yield the max results in this 10 week period.

Ready to jump in and get this going? We are, too! Check out the plan below!

Day 1: Upper Body Workout

Bent Over Row46-8
Barbell Bench Press46-8
Lat Pull Down38-12
Seated Side Lateral Raise38-12
Barbell Curl312-15
French Press312-15

Day 2: Lower Body Workout

Barbell Back Squat46-8
Romanian Deadlift46-8
Dumbbell Rear Lunge38-12
Leg Curl38-12
Seated Calf Raise415-20
Machine Crunch415-20

Day 3: Upper Body Workout

Pull Up48-12
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press48-12
Cable Row38-12
Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press38-12
Machine Preacher Curl312-15
Machine Dip312-15

Day 4: Lower Body Workout

Leg Press48-12
Barbell Glute Bridge48-12
Leg Extension312-15
Seated Leg Curl312-15
Standing Calf Raise48-12
Machine Crunch415-20

Day 5: Upper Body Workout

Machine Pec Dec412-15
Machine Lateral Raise312-15
Machine Row412-15
Machine Reverse Fly312-15
Chin Up36-8

Day 6: Lower Body Workout

Machine Hack Squat412-15
Hip Abduction312-15
Hip Abduction312-15
Leg Press Calf Press410-15
Machine Crunch415-20

As always, with any program like this, I recommend making sure that you are getting tons of sleep for recovery needs and eating in a way that can sustain your bodies growth. Doing anything less will sacrifice your programs return and could even hurt you.

While everyone's nutritional needs vary, for this program, I recommend eating at a 200-400 caloric surplus. Every week, you should be adding 100-150 calories as your lifts get heavier and you start packing on the size.